Best Casino Sites for NJ Players

If you’re thinking about joining an online casino and want to know exactly what the requirements are for registering then it pays to do a bit of research beforehand. When you create an account, the best casinos online will ask for a series of identification documents in order to verify beyond doubt that you are the person you claim to be.
What do I need to register in a NJ casino?

A new joiner is usually required to send through a photo of their ID with all four corners showing. This confirms age, date of birth and eliminates any chance that an ID has been faked or forged using computer software. They must also send a photo showing proof of address, often in the form of a gas, electricity or cell phone bill. This bill must be recent (usually dated within the past three months). Some online casinos also wish to see proof of the credit card or bank account from which you will be depositing money. This is to further ensure that any transactions completed through the site are 100% legitimate.

The number of documents and ID information that are often required might seem a bit like overkill, but the truth is that these checks are all designed to protect you from the possibility of identity fraud. Going through the motions of these checks is definitely better than suffering the stress and financial loss that would soon follow if a stranger was using your information for their own gain. Read more about casino payment options.

Online Casinos Evaluation at

At NJ Online Casino, our goal is to help new and experienced players alike find the very best online casino experiences currently available across the internet. There are a number of crucial factors to consider when evaluating the quality of an online casino.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the main criteria we use when comparing and contrasting various providers.

Graphics, software, mobile

The look and feel of an online casino are one of the most immediate factors in determining whether we will enjoy our playing experience at a particular site. First impressions count for a lot so the graphics and design could make all the difference between becoming a loyal member or straightaway moving on to find a more visually appealing casino. We’re very visual creatures, after all, so we expect an online casino to have a certain amount of glitz, glamour and the wow factor that goes a long way to entertaining us and pleasing our eye.

Functionality and ease of access are also incredibly important. It’s no good relying on quality design if the site is really difficult to access on certain devices or to navigate once you’ve managed to log in. We have to bear in mind that mobile technology has overtaken desktop when it comes to online casino gaming, with more and more players choosing to use their smartphone or tablet for quick and easy gaming on-the-go. Modern online casinos should acknowledge this by making the user experience just as fun, simple and engaging no matter which device you are using to log in. If a casino operator neglects one particular device over another because they don’t view it as important, they are destined to lose a number of their customers sooner rather than later.

Bonuses and promotions

With so much competition between online casino providers, it’s only natural for customers to scout around for the best possible offers when it comes to both signing up and staying loyal. The big problem is that, due to the sheer number of operators now available, it’s really difficult to evaluate every single bonus and promotion out there. That’s where we come in.

Our online casino experts have spent hours scouring the internet for the best promotions, cutting the wheat from the chaff and relaying every bit of essential information directly to you. As an online casino player, it’s only natural that you want to get maximum value from every dollar you spend, which is why it always pays to compare different bonuses before sending through your first deposit. Cashback bonuses, deposit match bonuses, free credit, free bets – these are just a handful of the possible promotions of which you should be looking to take advantage.

Payment methods and customer support

It used to be that credit cards were the only method of deposit and withdrawing funds from your online casino account. These days, there are a whole host of different options designed to offer maximum speed and security for modern players. Certain casinos offer a wider range of payment methods than others, so it’s worth researching exactly which are available before signing up to a particular casino.

Beyond the classic credit card, players can now find the option to send funds through various E-Wallet providers such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. But there are also more unusual methods, like using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Each service tends to vary in terms of timescales for withdrawal and level of security offered.

Of course, there’s every chance you may also need to contact customer support at some point to find out some important gaming information or simply to ask a question relating to your account. Again, the level of customer support offered will vary from company to company, which can lead to greater levels of frustration in the event that you need to get something sorted as soon as possible. Make sure to check our service ratings before you make your final decision.

Casino games selection

If you’re signing up to an online casino then it goes without saying that you want to enjoy the best possible quality and variety of games available. Unfortunately, not all online casinos are created equal, which means there’s plenty of difference in terms of the quality on offer.

It may be that you have your heart set on one particular game over all others. Let’s take roulette as an example. Rather than hunting around various casinos that offer all different types of table games, you may be better off looking for sites that specialize in roulette (rather than offering a more general selection). This way, there’s more chance that the operator has invested time, effort and money in making their roulette experience as good as it can possibly be, whether that’s through live streaming technology, chat functions or any other immersive feature.

If you class yourself as more of a general casino fan, there are also plenty of sites that pride themselves on offering a huge range of exciting games. If you’re keen to try your hand at everything from poker, blackjack and craps to roulette, slots and baccarat, then it’d probably make much more sense to find a provider that offers all these games under one roof.

Reputation and safety

Online security is a major consideration for anybody these days, particularly within the world of online casinos. The fact is that it’s easy to dive straight into the action without fully considering the safety side of things. Yet not all online casinos have your best intentions at heart.

There are plenty of rogue websites out there that are simply looking to make a quick buck from your misfortune. It’s essential to check the security ratings of specific providers before you make the final decision to sign up and make your first deposit. This is the only way to ensure that the casino is a legitimate operator with a good reputation among the online community.

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Advantages of NJ online casinos

As we move further and further into the digital age, online casinos offer many distinct advantages for those looking to make the most out of modern technology. Perhaps the most obvious benefit compared with physical casinos, apart from the bonus and promotions offered, is mobility and convenience. Smartphones and tablets can now be used pretty much anywhere, which means that players can log in and start enjoying the thrill of casino gaming from the comfort of their own home, at a café or even when they’re in transit.

There’s also infinitely more choice than at physical casinos. If you’re not happy with the level of service or bonuses being offered by one provider, it’s easy to delete your account and take your business elsewhere. The best casinos online recognize this, which is why they’re keen to attract and retain members with various bonus offers and promotions. That choice also extends to deposit and withdrawal options, so that players can now complete transactions using a wide array of different payment methods.

So, if you’re thinking about signing up with an online casino, make sure you consider all these criteria before making your final decision. You’ll certainly appreciate it in the long run.

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